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In the food sector, Chile has advantages that allow it to produce food whose quality rises above its competitors.

Its Mediterranean climate, and the stepped-season production and with the northern hemisphere, in addition to the geographical isolation of the country, with natural barriers in its entirety, which reduce significantly the incidence of pests and diseases. On the other hand, include the political and economic stability of Chile; modern infrastructure and export logistics; the use of technology in the production and processing of various products; demanding compliance with international standards and certifications, and extensive network of trade agreements with 60 countries.

The quality of the supply of food produced in Chile has been recognized by the Global Food Security Index 2012, compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit, which placed the country as a leader in Latin America.



Chile stands worldwide as the largest exporter of blueberries, grapes, fresh plums, prunes, dried apples, trout and Pacific salmon. It is also the second largest supplier of avocados, frozen raspberries, walnuts and Atlantic salmon, and the largest producer of fresh cherries in the southern hemisphere. It has a recognized position in wines and other products such as extra virgin olive oil, mineral water, pisco and nuts, among others, that make up part of the wide diversity of our exports, which also includes functional foods.

Our company is engaged in the business of export products, related to our country like extra virgin olive oil, wine, nuts, and other products.

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