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Chile has ideal climatic and geographical for the production of oil extra virgin olive conditions. The main geographical condition of Chile valley is the maritime influence , which enters from the Pacific Ocean and produces a morning mist that acts as a temperature moderator.



This feature promotes the optimal development of olive trees and vineyards, which require special care to reach the desired maturity.


The valley allows a gradual maturation with cool nights levels which are conditions to produce unique aromas, generating a slow, full ripening of the fruit. The taste is a harmonious , round and pleasant oil. It is characterized by intense green aromas, sensations of a fresh and new oil, with notes of green apple , artichoke and fresh grass. In the mouth, a green fruity , medium intensity , with a nice and spicy hotness that remains in the mouth, which enhances and gives complexity to various foods, from a simple salad , snacks to haute cuisine.



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