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Highlighted to promote and show the most varied gastronomic delights of Chile.  


All products are handmade and natural processing, which come from ancient and innovative recipes, prepared by family businesses from the field and also for small and medium sized food companies throughout the country.

Our Flavored Olive Oils are born from fresh olives and vegetables 100 % natural, no added flavors or artificial flavorings. These natural ingredients are mixed with fruit during the process, making the flavors to impregnate in the oil, resulting in an olive oil flavor, color and exceptional flavor, where the fruitiness of fresh olives melts and nice flavor of the selected plant products.



Our quality and unique taste have placed us among the top 100 Flavored Olive Oils of the World.

Our main objective is that the exquisite selection of products shown on these pages can

also be known and tasted by all of you in all regions of the world,

including the Kosher consumers important aspect for this special matket,

The black garlic is a super ideal for use as a seasoning food and to improve health.

Thanks to its soft, sweet taste allows it to be consumed fresh , without having to conduct any cooking , take it out of the bottle and consume it inmediately. You can eat it with any fruit or vegetable, as it has the smell of garlic and leaves the strong taste of the common garlic.

Add it to your foods both cooked and fresh , it replaces the common garlic in your preparations . 100% natural.





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