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We produce only premium quality fresh extra virgin olive oil based on the Spanish Arbequina olive variety. Our offer includes three different variety blends calUR led Balance, Natural and Intenso.

Our extra virgin Olive Oil exceeds all quality standards existing in the olive oil industry. While Extra Virgin acidity limit is established by US FDA 52.1539 at 0,8% Fresh Olive Oil consistently scores below 0,3% . A mark only attained by a handful of producers all over the world.

We had established a new standard in Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we call it FRESH OLIVE OIL. By reducing time lapse between harvest and milling, our olives are immediately cold pressed in our On-Site facilities preserving all its freshness, flavor and aromas.

The Olive Oil is stored under regulated conditions and only bottled on demand in our own facilities to make sure our customers receive the best quality olive oil at its freshest.

Farming sizeable orchards in Southern hemisphere reduces crop risks and price fluctuations.

Besides, having two harvest a year guarantees that at any time is the freshest olive oil in the market.

Ultra lowest Peroxides prevent rancidity and ensure that Olive Oil remains fresh for longer months.

A unique product that stands out for it is grassy aromas and delicate fruity taste, with hints of almonds and tomatoes.

We have a production capacity of over 3 Million Liters a year with own bottling facilities in South America to supply our valued customers with Bottled Evoofoods Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil in all possible sizes and formats whether Glass, PET or Bag In Box.

You choose, we produce for You...

We can provide Premium Quality Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Bottled and Labeled in origin in all formats from 250, 500 and 750, 1000 cc. Glass or Sachets to 2, and 5 Lts. PET or 5 Lt.Bag In Box and dispatch it worldwide to Store Brands and Private Label.



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