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What is KOSHER?

  • The word Kosher means suitable or proper, and informally incorporated into the English language with that meaning.

  • Kosher laws are rooted in the Bible, and are detailed in the Talmud and other codes of Jewish tradition.

Who are our Kosher consumers?

  • 55 % of consumers buy Kosher, because they feel that Kosher foods are safer and are healthier.

  • 38 % of consumers buy Kosher, because they look for products serving vegetarian needs.

  • 24 % of consumers buy Kosher, because they seek free dairy products.

  • 16 % of consumers buy Kosher, because they seek products Halal.

  • Jews consumers all year and High Holidays, Musulmanes, Christians and Adventists.

  • General consumers who know that Kosher is safer, healthier and,

  • Vegan consumers.

  • Those with dietary restrictions (lactose intolerance or gluten).

Almost 80 % of all sales of Kosher products are outside the traditional Jewish Market

The competitive advantaje of the U certificate

  • For millions of consumers, Kosher Certification U means Responsibility, Acceptability and Quality.

  • The U, one of the most well-know trademark in the world will highlight the competitiveness of your business and its presence to the world.



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